Bits and pieces from Norway

Among the things I look for when I am searching for new blogs, are blogs from other countries than my own, that give me more insight on what is going on in that specific country or aria of the world. I might not be a very experiences blog reader. I might not have looked very hard. Because I have not found many. (If you know some, please tell!)

But there are some! Two countries with a lot of blogs are Iraq and Iran. Looking at photos at I am especially touched by the Japanese photos, like the photos of tamaki and yoshiko314. From the USA i like to read comics like Candorville and Doonesbury.

What does all of these web sites have in common? Comics from the USA, photos from Japan, writings from Iraq and Iran? They show me some parts of the country, seen trough eyes that never could be mine – as a stranger. I have wondered how it came to be that the written world is from to Arab countries, the comic strips for the USA and the photos from Japan. I don’t know. But that is how it is for me.

I once lived in a country in Latin-America. One person asked me what I thought of his country. Not about how nice it was, and how beautiful the scenery were, but about the political problems and the poverty problems. I answered that I could not have any opinion, it was not my country, and I how would I judge or try to give a solution on their behalf. Of course, it was not true that I did not have any opinions nor thoughts at all, but it as true that I thought myself a stranger and whatever I said it would come from an outside view. And I have a belief in not trying to solve other people nor other countries problems. I know that what I see from Norway is not what one sees from Manhattan, from Cape Town or from Istanbul. But I love to borrow the eyes of people other trough art and literature. So thank you all people out there contributing to that opportunity.

It’s about a week since I started this blog. I normally write in Norwegian for Norwegians (or just myself). But while I have been searching for blogs from countries that I am curios about, countries that I want to know more of, and countries that I love trough friendship or my own knowledge I have started to wonder, what about my country? My beloved Norway?

First I thought that there was nothing to write about. I read the blogs from Iran and Iraq because they are in the news, and I want to know the story from the people who are living in those countries. The politics of the USA influences us all, and I get just at bit more insight and a feeling of what is going on inside the country by reading the strips.
Japan is exotic for me. And just watching the rice fields fill me with wonders.

What about Norway? We are not in war. It often feels like our politics are like two children in the sand box playing. We have litterateur, music and art that surely give me pleasure, but it is a very, very small part of what is happening in the world. It is not exotic in any way – because it is where I live, and no one finds her own surroundings exotic 😉

But I think I will make a try. Try some small bits and pieces of Norway seen trough my eyes now and then. My eyes, because as in every country not two people will think the same. Norway, because it is my country, I am no stranger, and I have every right to give my answer to the question «what do you think». Bits and pieces, because that is all that every one of us can manage to contribute.

I hope you will enjoy 🙂

En kommentar om “Bits and pieces from Norway

  1. Ohhhh! The map up-side-down is very interesting for me!

    The images of Norway for me are….
    *very well designed country
    *have nights under the midnight sun
    *I wanna go! I want to visit Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland someday!
    *the country of Viking!? Ah, is it Denmark?? ;P
    and so on.
    Yes, I don’t know well about your country.
    There are many many things here I haven’t known in the world.
    So I wish I can know about Norway through your eyes and your sentences and photos. 🙂

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