At last! It is no longer winter, no longer spring with cold wind, it is summer, and the children could have a bath outside playing with the garden hose. The spring flowers: Tussilago farfara, Hepatica nobilis and Anemone nemorosa are long gone, and yesterday my son had picked summer flowers for my table.

In a couple of weeks school will end for the summer, and many people will go travelling inside or outside Norway for their holidays. Most people have 3 weeks leave from work, while the school vacation is 8th weeks. My youngest child has been waiting and longing to go to school since her older sibling started school a couple of years ago. After 6 months she stopped asking "am I starting today?" every morning, but this week she finally had a day at the school visiting together with some of her friends from kindergarten.

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  1. We are going two weeks to the ocean, close to a place called Sandefjord. We have been at the same place every summer since the children were born, and it is a nice place, where you can stay very cheap with a tent or a small room. Then we will go for my parents in law, before we return to our hose. My husband will have a 4th week of vacation this summer like many people. Everybody had the right to have 3 weeks free during the summer, but might take more if they are able to. 4 or 5 weeks holyday during one year is the normal work situation in Norway. The teachers have more, because of the extra work they are doing during school time. The last week of my husband will be used painting the house 🙂

    What is it like in Japan? And what are you doing?

  2. Oh, Beate, 3-5 weeks summer holidays are like a dream for Japanese! My husband can have only 5 days summer vacation every year. If we want long(means about 1week) travel, 5week days vacation+2 weekends=9days vacation, and far away. But in the case of my family, we had 4days trip to Okinawa in spring, so this summer, we don’t have a long trip (No money to go!!hehe). My husband take 5 holidays saparately and make a relaxing time at home. My junior high school daughter have to go to school because she’s a member of Japanese archery club. My elementary school daughter is going to swimming pool almost everyday.

    That’s my summer vacation. 🙂

    Someday, I want to go to your country!!

  3. You are very welcome to come!

    I once had a Japanese friend, who I worked with in Switzerland. She once became angry and sad with some of us for making a joke about tourists from Japan who comes to a country, travel in a bus, runs out of the bus, takes pictures, runs back to the bus etc. She told us that these people have saved hard, and collected the few precious days of vacation to come, and to make fun of it is not nice. I do not think we realise this without knowing, and we do not even knowing how lucky we are.

  4. I understand what your Japanese friend got angry with!
    The tour from japan, called «package tour»,all schedules are already decide and only to do is ride on a bus and go to the famouse place and again ride on a bus and to the next famouse places…. 😦
    That’s too bad! So I myself don’t use the «package tour»!

    Staying one place for a long time….your vacation is really nice to have! Enjoy that!
    And my vacation, staying one place (but this means staying at home) for a long time is not so bad, really! 🙂

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