Ukas vits: Tro eller gjerninger

oktober 24, 2006

A young Lutheran Minister found himself in a automobile collision, but confident in his faith, he was ready to see the pearly gates. But found himself in front of the Gates of Hell.

Old Scratch was there to greet him.

– I, I, I don’t understand, Why am I here? There’s been a mistake!
– Tut, tut, lad, that’s why I’m here to greet you. Come let’s take a little walk.

Old Scratch led the Lutheran minister to a room and opened a door and sitting there in the only chair…

– Good heavens you are Martin Luther! What are you doing here in Hell?

Martin looked at Old Scratch.

– Yes go ahead Martin take him around for me.

 Martin Luther led the young minister to another small room and opened the door and there at…

– Good heavens, Reverend Luther that’s the Apostle Paul sitting there, I don’t understand?

The Apostle Paul looked up.

– Another one Martin?
– Afraid so Paul, will you tell him?
– Ok, well young fellow, you can only enter the kingdom of heaven through works, I was wrong teaching ‘Faith not Works’. Sorry about that.


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