Ukas vits: Møtet på golfbanen

oktober 30, 2006

A man is playing golf in Ireland. «Whack», the ball slices off the green, and into the bushes. He goes looking into the bushes, and finds a little feller all dressed in green, big buckle shoes, lying unconscious with a big knot on his forehead.


«Sweet Jesus, I’ve hit a leprechaun!» says the man. He gets a cold rag, props the little fella up. The leprechauns comes out of it, sees he’s being held by a mortal. «Ach, I’m all right, I’m foin, Right as rain, thank ye, I’ll be going now». The golfer says «Terribly sorry. Are you all right, do you need a doctor now, is there anything I can do?» «No don’t worry yourself, I’m foin, have a nice day.»


Quick as a flash, the leprechaun scoots into the hedges, and is gone. The golfer, feeling bad for the fellow, waits a bit, and then continues with his game.


As he’s leaving the Leprechaun thinks to himself-

«Now that was a daecent sort of fella, none of your «show-me-your-pot-o-gold, give-me-three-wishes» stuff here, just honestly consarned. Now, he deserves 3 wishes!» The leprechaun points at the Golfer- «May ye never need for Money, May ye have a great golf game, and may ye have a fantastic sex life!»


A year and a day goes by, and the golfer is back out on the field, knocking the hell out of the ball. The Leprechaun shows up, the Golfer says «ach, I’m so sorry about the whack on the noggin, are ye all right?» «I’m grand, don’t worry….how about yourself, are you doing all right?» The golfer smiles «aye, it’s the most amazing thing, since last year I’m golfing like a pro, 9 under par!» «And how are you for money, smiled the Leprechaun?» «Terrific, every time I put my hand into my pants, I find the money for anything I need!». The leprechaun winked, «And speaking of pant’s, how’s your sex life?» The golfer blushes, looks around to see if anyone’s listening, «Not bad, 2 or 3 times a week!» The Leprechaun sputters- «Only two or 3 times a week?» The golfer looks down wryly- «well, that’s not bad for a Catholic priest from a small parish!»





2 Responses to “Ukas vits: Møtet på golfbanen”

  1. Inanna Says:

    Hmm… 🙂 vet ikke helt hva jeg skal si bortsett fra at jeg håper det var forsømte fruer han opplevde herlighetene med.

    To snutter fra meg angående golfmorsomheter.

    Det verste du kan si til en golfer:
    «det er fortsatt din tur»

    GOLF = Gentelmen Only, Ladies Forbidden

  2. Beate Says:

    Takk Inanna.

    Da må jeg kaste på en ling til gaver for golveren som «har alt»:

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