Small and large miracles

desember 29, 2016

I believe that God with a blink of an eye could make me healthy and well.

It is a small miracle from an almighty creator.

The large miracle is transforming the human hearts and minds.
Life and death goes hand in hand in life, you will never have the one without facing the other. Death comes before new life and you need it to not end up in stagnation. The only thing you know about a new life being born is that one day it will die. It is part of the same miracle, part of the same mystery. They are one and the same. No life without death, no death without life. How come we love the one and hate and fear the other?

The large miracle is transforming the fear into trust.

Like the large miracle of transforming hate into love towards others, towards yourself towards the world, towards life itself.

My God is the God of large miracles. I pray for large miracles. I yearn for large miracles. I hope for large miracles.

In a world so tattered we need the big miracles, not the small ones. The ones that we can only be given with our own consent, with us wanting to be changed, with us turning our face towards the One who loves us all.

I want for death also to be a source of light and love, in myself and others. And to be thankful for whatever comes.

“This world is in deep trouble, from top to bottom. But it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love.

~ Rumi”