11 Responses to “How come stories”

  1. […] I have made a collection of the How come stories that I know about, and put them in another page in my blog. If you have any that I do not know about, pleas tell me about them. Posted by beatesvei Filed in Eventyr, myter og historier […]

  2. timethief Says:

    I enjoyed this collection very much. Thanks for posting in the forum and «plugging your blog».

  3. Beate Says:

    Thanks. 🙂

  4. sylvia Says:

    AWW! i love them!!

    a few girlfriends and myself were having the time of our lives with these ‘How Come Stories’ during our monthly Martini nites…
    but along the 5 of us we only knew 6…
    so i googled and came accross ur site!
    cheers to many more crazy martini nites thanks to you!

  5. Scott Says:

    Thank you!

    I am teaching science this fall after a career of English teaching. We’ve had lots of fun in my freshman classes with some of these riddles. I had heard several of them before, but you have assembled a very nice collection here. Students love to play with them at the end of classtime as we await the bells.

    I would love to see more «How come stories» if they are out there to be shared.

  6. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. […] Kan du svaret? Vill du lära dig mer how come stories?  Gå  då in på: https://beatesrasteplass.wordpress.com/how-come-stories/ […]

  8. David S Muir Says:

    Hi Beate Thanks for the how come stories I so enjoy telling them.David

  9. Beate Says:

    Thank you! That is so nice to hear!

  10. Eva Jacobsen Says:

    Nå ble jeg helt nostalgisk. Vi hadde mye gøy med slike historier i min barndom. Og god hjernetrim er det og.

  11. Beate Says:

    Ikke sant! Og litt eldre barn elsker dem fremdeles, de har vært god underholdning og lek rundt bordet hos egne unger, tantunger og besøkende. Men det er lenge siden jeg har hørt noen nye – og nå kan alle alle. Skulle gjerne hatt litt påfyll.

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